Watch: Kidnappers Grabbing Babies Right from Mothers’ Arms in Glendale CA.

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*Police in Glendale finally have something to do. Keep reading, I’ll explain that statement later. They believe two separate kidnap attempts that happened within 20 minutes of each other, are somehow connected and parents in the mainly Armenian California city are on alert!

According to authorities, the first kidnap attempt happened around 5:10 p.m. on Wednesday  at the intersection of Chevy Chase Drive and Adams Street. A mother was pushing her 14-month-old child in a stroller when a suspect approached her and SNATCHED THE BABY!!!

Thankfully, the mother’s valiant fight for her child was successful, and the suspect ran, according to officials.

An ABC7 News report says police described the suspect as a woman with short black hair wearing heavy-winter style clothing. Officials said the suspect jumped into the driver seat of a small white or silver compact car and fled the scene.

The car’s first three license plate characters were possibly 7HY or 7YH, police said.

Then, about 20 minutes later,  an 8-year-old boy called 911 to report someone tried to kidnap his 3-year-old brother. The child-napping attempt happened less than a mile away from the first one; outside of John Marshall Elementary School, located at 1201 East Broadway, at about 5:35 p.m.

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Again, the mother’s successful fight had the suspect flee empty-handed in a small four-door silver sedan.

According to what the 8-year-old boy told police, the suspect was a man who was dressed like a woman. The mother described the suspect as a man in his late 40s or 50s with salt-and-pepper hair and a two-day old beard.

The mother further stated the suspect was wearing a gray shirt with a multi-colored design on the front.

In both incidents, police said the suspect or suspects approached the children and said, “You’re so cute,” before grabbing them.

In reference to my earlier comment about Glendale police finally having “something to do.” I lived in Glendale for 12 years, and whenever an incident happened, no matter how small, several police cars would appear. It was not unusual to see three or four cars at once on any given corner.

And it didn’t stop at police cars. Once, I was victim to an incident, small in nature, and a witness insisted on calling an ambulance (after the Glendale police would not help me). I was embarrassed when two big ambulance trucks showed up for little ole me.

Authorities were working with Glendale Unified School officials to notify parents and requested parents to be extra vigilant. Security at the campus was heightened as a precaution Thursday morning.

Anyone with any information about the child kidnapping incidents is urged to call the Glendale Police Department at (818) 548-4911 NOW.


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  1. Some hospital is regularly dropping off mentally-disabled indigent men across the street from that school into the CVS parking lot. I encounter them hanging around the front of that store or hanging out on Adams, the next street over, mumbling to themselves, or shouting, screaming…in Glendale, this is unheard of. Sometimes they still have their hospital bracelet on! This was going on downtown LA when I lived there, and the city finally cracked down. Glendale needs to do the same before things get too far out of hand; these are some scary individuals.

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