Hmmm…Do You Contribute Anything or Do You Just React?


She had been quiet the whole time, until somebody said something she didn’t like. 

We all know a lot of really intelligent people who certainly have a lot on their mind and the passion to get things started. But…and there’s that word, they seem to exist in a “reaction only” mode.

It takes courage to make a stand. And a level of stick-to-it-ness to not be swayed by the opinions of others. Let’s face it, some folks we know may not have what it takes to stand up on their own, but they won’t hesitate to try and knock you down.

Offer an opinion on something they disagree with and then they are all over it. You can’t shut them up. 

Yet if you wait for them to provide something concrete on their own; whether its attempting to help solve a problem, contribute to a plan, give their perspective on an issue…crickets.

They will wait until someone else speaks or acts…and then they will react.

Is this you or someone you know?

 Respectfully yours, DBP

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