Hmmm…Can you resist the urge to ‘Just Talk?’


Blah. Blah. Blah. And your point is?

With time comes growth. And with growth, what may have at one time been youthful arrogance is now replaced with a degree of wisdom. We are all on a continuing journey…The other day while I was out shopping, I heard a woman talking rather indirectly; to no one person in particular. She used the term “we” as if asserting that what she was feeling, and saying, applied to everyone like her.

For reasons of anonymity, I won’t share what she said.

No one in the immediate vicinity said anything to confirm or deny her statement(s); which could very easily be recognized as disparaging. And I continued to shop with my back towards her, so I did not see if anyone aligned with or against her visually (a smile, thumbs up, or look of disgust).

She went on and on until finally, she stopped talking.

As age happens, many of us learn to resist the urge to just talk. We realize it’s OK to be quiet. To have nothing to say is fine.

Some people feel they have to talk just to fill a space. The thing is, things usually come out wrong, and you feel stupid afterwards. When space-filling is your only motivation, you inevitably say things that make you look less smart than you probably really are.

Respectfully yours, DBP

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