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Bam Bam, August 2016
Hi, my name is Bam Bam and I am a 5-year-old Pit-bull mix. I am as lovable as I look. But don’t get it twisted. Trust me, it’s best that way. (Smiles)


Bam Bam was agitated as usual whenever he senses a coyote outside in the yard. So, without hesitation, his gramma decided to let him outside. After all, it was safe because there is a big fence between the “coyote’s territory” and the safety of the family’s big back yard.

But lo and behold, as soon as gramma let the gorgeous hunk of a pit-bull mix outside, she glanced out the window to see that it wasn’t a coyote that their big, lovable but ferocious-looking dog was going after. It was a frightened little rabbit.

And with ears in alert mode, and paws moving triple-time, he was running for his life as the big dog chased him!

Bam Bam’s gramma immediately jumped up and ran outside screaming, “Bam Bam no! Come here! Bad doggie!”

But Bam Bam is stubborn and wants what he wants, when he wants it. So gramma had to call him several times before he finally came inside.

After she let him in, and had seen where the rabbit went, she headed back outside in that direction and stood there, talking to the rabbit (which she could not actually SEE at the time).

“Little rabbit,” she said, talking to the bushes she assumed he was hiding in, in her softest voice: “You’ve got to get out of here the same way you got in.” She continued, “You may not understand this, because that doggie is so much bigger than you, but he just wants to play. He doesn’t realize his strength.”

When there was no movement or sound, gramma waited a few minutes, then went back inside. But after a while, Bam Bam had to come out and do his business. So, assuming the little bunny was now long gone, gramma let the doggie out.

She was so scared that sweat was running down her face and under her arms.

Things seemed good for a minute. Bam Bam, now otherwise distracted, went in a totally different direction and did what he came out to do.


But then he remembered…

He started sniffing all around the area.

Then, as granny glanced into the bushes, she caught a glimpse of the little rabbit, who was looking right at her with those eyes. She didn’t want to bring attention to the little thing, who let out a yelp that pleaded, “help me!!!”

Gramma had never heard a rabbit make a sound before. Have you?

But she knew it would not be wise to put her hand into a bush to grab and help a scared little rabbit because he would bite. So she tried to distract Bam Bam.

But that didn’t work for long.


That dog ended up sniffing his way over to the bush where the rabbit was hiding. Gramma could not bear to look, so she ran inside, screaming, “OMG he got it!”

Out of the side of her eye, she could see Bam Bam carrying the limp little thing in his mouth.


Dogs like Bam Bam, who just wants to play with furry little things, get bored once those things stop moving.

So the doggie just trotted away from the rabbit, who, as gramma peered out of the window, looked lifeless on the ground.

But the little rabbit was just “playing dead!”

The smart little thing got up and went hopping across the yard, without so much as a limp. Gramma ran outside (making sure to close the door behind her so Bam Bam wouldn’t come out) and caught up with the little rabbit just as he reached the spot in the fence he had initially come through. Gramma was SO happy the little rabbit was OK.


Gramma still sees the little rabbit and his friends outside the fence each night. Hopping happily. And they did fix that hole in the fence!




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