Excuse Me, Ma’am: Traffic Stop Results in…Wait for It!…Ice Cream Cones (Watch)

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*Now I know what you’re thinking from the title alone: “They are doing too much!”

But let’s surprise the forces that be, and actually give a nice gesture some credit, shall we? Believe it or not, those same forces will ensure more moves in a positive direction will follow.

Baby steps.

With that said, a video is circulating (scroll down) showing traffic cops pulling drivers over; in this particular case — a sister — and naturally, she does NOT look happy as he asks,

“Do you know why you were pulled over today?”

Hell, with all the sh*t going on between them and us, it can be any number of reasons that follow the statement: “Because I’m Black!”

But we know we can’t say that.

So the officer says, “Well technically its against the law to drive on a hot day…At this point the woman, and her passenger, are looking at the cop like he just lost his head.

Then he completes the sentence…

“…without an ice cream cone,” and the woman, obviously VERY relieved, along with the brother sitting next to her, bursts out laughing saying, Oh my God,” as the officer hands them an ice cream cone.

The officer concludes, as he hands the woman two cones, “We just want to make sure everyone is following all the laws today…”

The officers are from the Halifax, Virginia PD, and they spent the day surprising drivers and passengers with nutty buddy’s and sno-cones.

While the pull-overs were actually “legit,” they were only for minor offenses, and instead of tickets, they received cones.

I don’t care what you say, we’ve got to start the healing SOMEwhere.

And even a small act such as this, was cute as hell.

Watch the video below.



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