Sesame Street Legends May Not Be Leaving The Show After All (And There’s More…)


Publish AFTER 2 p.m. Friday *Sometimes, I’m reminded that a voice — or chorus of voices — can make a difference.  And it’s times like that — like today — that I love my job.

Last week, I reported on the firing of three veteran Sesame Street cast members:  Roscoe Orman, who had played “Gordon” since 1974, along with actors who played “Bob” and “Luis”.  Bob had been on the show since its premiere in 1969.

Roscoe Orman, 72, who'd played "Gordon" on Sesame Street since 1974.
Roscoe Orman, 72, who’d played “Gordon” on Sesame Street since 1974.

The show’s producers said the terminations were part of an ongoing retooling of the show and its curriculum.  I (and dozens of other journalists) thought otherwise, particularly as everyone fired from the show was over 70.

A couple of days ago, I heard from Orman.  It seems that, in the wake of the extremely critical media coverage about the firings, the producers of Sesame Street are rethinking their decision and extending an olive branch to the legendary actors.

Additionally, Sesame Workshop CEO Jeff Dunn has apologized about any “misunderstandings” about the future of the beloved program and its cast, adding that Orman and his displaced colleagues “…are, and always will be, a key part of the Sesame Street family.”

A meeting’s been scheduled for September, and if all goes well, “the people that you meet in the neighborhood” will once again include our not-so-old friends.  And in this writer’s opinion, Sesame Street will be all the better for it.  

Click here to read Orman’s official statement.  And stay tuned for updates, and for details on my conversation with Orman!


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