Arrests Made for Stun Gun Used to Punish Kids

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*We can file this under cruelty beyond comprehension. According to Special Victims detectives in Polk County, two couples with a combined nine children are in jail after authorities were alerted to suspected child abuse at a home they all share. The two men and two women face a total of 91 counts that include aggravated child abuse, negligent child abuse, failure to report child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and tampering with evidence.

Two of the children have since been removed from the home by DCFS, due to reports on an affidavit that notes  “Patterned bruises and burns” were observed on an 11-year-old and 8-year-old, including multiple “two-prong” burns on both children’s buttocks.

According to an affidavit obtained by WESH 2 in Orlando, a determination made by an advanced registered nurse practitioner claims the bruises are consistent with those made by a stun gun. One child was found to have 15 burns over his buttocks that were consistent with the weapon generally used by police to immobilize a suspect.

Polk County authorities became aware of the allegations sometime in early July and according to the sheriff’s office, it was alleged that nine minor children between the ages of 7 and 13 were possibly being disciplined by their guardians with a handheld stun gun device.

The children live in a home on Skye Place in Lakeland; where the adults, Eduardo Vazquez, who is dating Elizabeth Tarvin, lives with William Torres, who is dating Veronica Sanchez.

According to what the children told detectives, they were “tased” several times by Vazquez and Torres. They also said that although Tarvin never actually harmed them, she did know what was going on and never tried to stop it. Tarvin and the other female would later try to defend their lack of action saying they “feared the children would be taken away.


The children also told the detectives that Vazquez and Torres had “tased” other children too.

Torres told investigators during the initial investigation that the children had found the hidden taser and used it on each other; a lie even he apparently couldn’t hold on to, and later admitted to the truth.

During a post-Miranda interview, authorities said, both Torres and Vazquez separately told detectives they made the male children do push-ups and used the Taser on the ones who couldn’t perform at least one push-up.

All are now being held on bail. Who among us hopes they get tased in jail.

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