Dog Beats Kid in Learning to Say ‘Mama’ (Watch)


*Sometimes animals say the darndest things. And its not only in bark-talk. Believe me, they are a lot smarter than their humans give them credit for. I recall my bird, Saku, saying “Good Morning” to me in response. It only happened one time, but it did happen. Now I find this video of a mother trying so hard to teach her baby how to say “Mama.”

And failed.

She is holding a spoonful of food as encouragement. Still, nothing, as the child just looks on with wide-eyed innocence.

But the family dog has been sitting next to the kid…salivating as he watches that spoonful of food. After a while he’s like, “Dang kid, if you’re not gonna say it, I will!”

And then…he does. Much to the amusement of Mama.


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