Fired Disney Employee Says ‘Everybody’s Having Sex’ Backstage


*Uh oh. Nothing hurts worse than being fired. And all bets are off when folks feel they have been let go unjustly. Oftentimes they want revenge and will get what we call …wait for it…diarrhea of the mouth. This may be what happened to a former Disney World employee. We don’t know why it was that Disney decided to let her go, and quite frankly, we don’t really care. But we like the fact that she is willing to talk about what its like to work there…for real. Now look, its no secret that Walt Disney didn’t give one damn about Black folk, that’s why any characters he created depicting us was straight up stereotype and racist.

But we’re not here to talk about that. Really. What we can at least get a kick out of right here, right now, is a former employee who happens to be white, telling us what its REALLY like to work at what he described as the “Happiest Place on Earth.”


She starts out saying: “Working at Disney World may seen like a dream job to visitors, but behind the scenes, we are placed in shackles and forced to follow a very large and very strict rule book. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of great times, but here are 20 SECRETS everybody needs to know about working at Disney World…”


I think it was number 16 where she shared how EVERYBODY’S HAVING SEX.

She says,

“When you have women beautiful enough to be princesses and men attractive enough to be heros, it’s no surprise that all the Cast Members backstage are DOING IT. I literally walked in on Ariel doing it with Aladdin. (Thankfully, not in costume, as that would have ruined my childhood.)”

Who knew?

The former employee says when you work at Disney, you basically have to learn a new language. For example…

You will be taught a new meaning of “Backstage”

Backstage is anywhere ‘guests’ are not supposed to be. Therefore, everywhere else is ONSTAGE…The entire thing is one big show.

You must never refer to vomit as “vomit”


Yes, Disney may be the most magical place on Earth, but that doesn’t mean guests don’t hurl from time to time – after all, what do you expect when you combine cotton candy, hamburgers and roller coasters? When a cast member hears “CODE V” echo down their earpiece, they know that someone has thrown up after (or on) a ride. And yes, it’s as gross as it sounds.

You are allowed to BUY items that guests have left behind.

16 (1)

As you can imagine Disney accumulates quite a lot of stuff in LOST PROPERTY every day. Once the cameras, phones, clothing, designer bags, and sunglasses have been stored for the allocated time they are SOLD to Cast Members in a special store. Don’t worry, all the money received is donated back to charity.

Oh, she’s just getting started. Still to go are ridiculous rules like you can’t point with just one finger, don’t be seen picking up litter (but you’d better pick it up!), don’t get caught using Twitter,  and more. Go on over to Viral Thread and check it out.

Hmm…Wonder what Walt would say about all the sex.

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  1. Baby-girl got bills just like anyone else. And she didn’t call it “awful” she just tells us what its like.

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