Wow! That’s a Lot of Babies: Twins Times Three! (Watch)

Danesha Couch smiles during interview
Danesha Couch smiles during interview

*I suppose one way to wrap your brain around the realization that you have produced three sets of twins in a little over two years and your future for the next 18 will be centered around taking care of ‘dem babies is being grateful that you can produce children at all.

After all, as Danesha Couch, a 20-year-old mother of five, knows so well, there are many women who cannot. She smiles as she talks to the media, and shares how people respond when she tells them about her large family.

“People just consider me a freak of nature when I tell them,” Couch said.

Unless you actually come from a family with a history of multiple births, its safe to assume that most women who plan for children never think of having more than one baby at a time. But when Couch had her first set of twins, and then had a repeat with the second, the question that probably comes to the mind of many is, why even take the risk a third time?

According to one report, the chances of having THREE sets of twins is something like 1 in 88,000.

But…I don’t think Danesha ever got this memo.

“The fact that you’ve ever done it before makes you more likely to do it again,” said Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom of Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

Danesha Couch and fiance, James Pressler, do selfie with one of their babies
Danesha Couch and fiance, James Pressler, do selfie with one of their newest babies

Dr. Wickstrom said this is true when it comes to fraternal twins, but not identical; and even added that women of African descent are more likely to have multiple multiples.

“I release more than one egg at a time,” said Couch.

“So you have two eggs simultaneously coming down the tubes getting ready to be fertilized,” said Dr. Wickstrom.

Couch admits, if she has any regrets at all its “…timing, but I’m really happy that I can even create babies or have life because some women can’t do that.”

Danesha holding the couple’s latest pair of twins, Dalanie and Darla .

Couch and her fiance, Jeffrey Pressler, plan to wed in September and say they don’t plan to have any more children — at least not for 10 years.

At least not for 10 years!? Something tells me after spending that time changing diapers, putting one pair down for a nap only to have the other pair wake up; or breastfeeding one at 2 a.m. while trying to change the others’ diaper is gonna make the whole more children thing a no-go.

For now, Couch was forced to start a GoFundMe page for her huge family because when she applied for benefits, she was denied.

Can you just see the face of the worker?

Daddy, James Pressler, and the couple's 2nd pair of twins.
Daddy, James Pressler, and the couple’s 2nd pair of twins.

Being so young and having five children to raise, I truly hope this woman has a LOT of support from her fiance, other family members and friends. She is truly going to need it! Having such a large family, and the accompanying responsibilities of raising them, at such a young age especially, can easily overwhelm even the most experienced families. You, Denesha and your fiance, James, and all of your sweet babies, are in our heartfelt prayers.

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