Another ‘Racist Rant’ Gets White Employee Fired!



*Apparently this fool didn’t hear about the Bank of America employee who was fired after she posted her racist rant on Facebook. I swear, this is even further proof that racist people are simply not that smart. OK, I’ll say it: They’re downright dumb. And ignorant. Take Diane Amoratis, an employee…er, former employee, at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City, Philadelphia, who NBC reports wrote  that she was “sick and tired of all this bull—- with the black people,” on Facebook.

Hey, people have a right to their opinion. Hell, we all have them, but that does not mean you have to put them on blast. And this fool didn’t stop there. Her hate even intercepted a compliment she was giving the police officers stationed at the protests. Truly, it was as if once she opened her mouth to spew her hate, a bad case of diarrhea set in and she just couldn’t stop.

She included in her FB soliloquy, “Especially the officer who stood there while that fat, braided hair, piece of s— trouble maker ranted so despicably in your face. You sir, you deserve a medal for letting her continue to make an ass of herself and showing what a low life she really is, and you were strong.”

“Blacks kill each other every day, all day long, and it’s ok with them. Why not protest when Jamal kills Kalif???? Well, I AM WHITE AND PROUD TO BE WHITE!! WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!! POLICE OFFICERS LIVES MATTER!!!”

And don’t forget the part about you also being stupid! And unemployed.

She had the nerve to keep going… Amoratis then told black protesters to “Keep your circus in your own neighborhood!!! Get a life, a honest job, and RAISE YOUR KIDS TO BE PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS!!!!”

And concluded with:  “I am sick and tired of all this bull—- with the black people!! If you don’t like my post, then delete me as your friend.”

The former nurse didn’t have to worry about being deleted from any “friends pages.” But her straight-to-the-top, as in VIRAL, post landed on the desk of her bosses at the hospital and this is what THEY had to say…probably while watching her pack up her sh*t and get the phuck out.

“Hate speech of any kind is unacceptable at Jefferson and is not consistent with our values, policies and the culture of inclusiveness, dignity and respect we continue to build here,” a statement by President and CEO Stephen Klasko and Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Stevens read. “We pride ourselves on ensuring that Jefferson is a safe community where our colleagues, patients and students respect and value each other.”

“An employee’s decision to post inflammatory comments on social media is an unfortunate choice and one that is not tolerated at Jefferson,” the statement concluded.

In other words, Buh-bye Becky!


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