Let The Nude Games (In Phoenix) Begin!


*I’ve visited Phoenix only once, one July over a decade ago. As my plane from Detroit landed that morning, the pilot announced that the temperature outside was “a relatively comfortable 107 degrees.”

I thought he was joking, until I walked out of the airport and experienced heat so intense it caused birds outside to literally pant like dogs.  Growing up in chilly Michigan, I’d never seen a bird pant before!


So I KNOW it’s hot in Phoenix, so generally speaking, the less clothing you have on, the better. But our brothers and sisters there have taken things to a new level.

According to the American Association for Nude Recreation (I’ve just requested my membership packet), we’re in the middle of Nude Recreation Week. There are several clothing optional resorts in the Phoenix area, and one of them is organizing a nude games event.

Now, when I hear the phrase “nude games”, I realize how lucky I am, as I engage in “nude games” at least once a day, and every week at my house is Nude Recreation Week.  Yessir. Thank you, Jesus.

But these folks are talking about a different type of “game”: a poker-themed triathlon and karaoke, for example.

Poker.  Texas Hold ‘Em?  I’m in!

Karaoke?  “Muscles” by Diana Ross?  “I don’t care of they’re young or old / I just want someone I can hold onto!”


“How Does It Feel?” by D’Angelo?  Pick any lyric you want!


The mind wonders…and often takes other parts of the body with it.

Phoenix, here I “come!”


This blog was written by freelancer Michael P Coleman, between cold showers.  Connect with him on Twitter.

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