Mother Buried By 11-Year-Old Daughter Was Killed By Her Boyfriend

Stephanie Goodloe and her daughter, Simaya
Stephanie Goodloe and her daughter, Simaya

*Not even a temporary restraining order and three phone calls to the police could save Stephanie Goodloe, who was killed by her boyfriend last week — while her brave 11-year-old daughter, Simaya, slept nearby. That same brave girl displayed a selfless poise and used her big girl voice as she thanked mourners, and consoled her family members at the church where her mother’s funeral service took place.

The family says although it has been three weeks since Simaya’s mother died, the little girl has yet to cry.

Goodloe was the director of youth ministry at Mount Gilead Baptist Church, in Northwest Washington. And it is where the funeral took place; while police cars waited outside to ensure the funeral procession’s safe passage to Maryland National Memorial Park cemetery.

Simaya must be terribly confused at the showing of police cars outside of the church where he dead mother lays. Why, after all, would she need their protection now?

Stephanie Goodloe called the police THREE TIMES…including THE DAY BEFORE SHE WAS KILLED!

According to the Washington Post:

There was no protection when the man she considered a father allegedly stood over her mother’s bed inside their Capitol Hill home about 1:30 a.m. on a Saturday in June and shot her in her wrist, in her armpit, in her shoulder and in her head.

The first gunshot woke the girl up. She heard her mom scream, “What are you doing?” Then three more gunshots. Then she told police that she saw Donald Hairston, 49, the man who lived with them and whom she called “daddy,” race past her room.

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The sixth-grader ran into her mom’s room and saw the body, then she grabbed the phone, hid in the bathroom and called 911.

“I’m going to be haunted by that phone call,” Jonathan Shell, a veteran D.C. homicide detective, testified in court last week because he could hear the terror in the 11-year-old’s voice.

Two weeks before he slaughtered her in her bed, Goodloe says in her pleas for protection that Donald Hairston told her he didn’t care if he went to jail. She said he harassed her at work, banged on her door, slashed her tires, and threatened her.

“She did everything right. She kept a log of every time he called her. She reported it all to police,” said John McCrea, Goodloe’s stepfather. “I can’t believe she’s not here anymore.”

A court date had been set for June 20, to decide if the restraining order was to be permanent. But on that day, Hairston appeared in court…on first-degree murder charges.

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According to the Washington Post,

Goodloe, 39, was beloved in all of the circles she touched. Her funeral was standing-room-only, packed with friends and family. A GoFundMe campaign already generated more than $34,000 in donations for her 11-year-old, who will now be raised by her grandparents.

“She was just such a gift,” said Sarah Shoenfeld, who watched her own 14-year-old thrive under Goodloe’s one-on-one care at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, where Goodloe was a patient and skilled aid to children with intellectual disabilities.

Reports say that on average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or partners in this country every day. Intimate partner violence is a crime that largely affects women. In 1999, women accounted for 85% of the victims of intimate partner violence.


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