Family Sues TSA Agents for Assault of Disabled Daughter

A TSA Agent studies a passenger's ID at the security checkpoint.
A TSA Agent studies a passenger’s ID at the security checkpoint.

*The nerve! The family of a disabled teen girl who was on her way home from St. Jude Hospital following her treatment for a brain tumor, is livid. And with good cause. According to them, as she was coming through the TSA security checkpoint at Memphis International Airport, the agents wanted to do further scanning of the teen — an action the young woman did not understand. And in the end, the agents allegedly knocked the teen to the floor, where she hit her head.

“They wanted to do further scanning, she was reluctant, she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” Shirley Cohen, the teen’s mother, told WREG-TV.

Cohen said she attempted to let the TSA agents know that her daughter is partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed and easily confused. But according to the distraught mother, agents wouldn’t allow her to go near her daughter. 

“She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere,” Cohen added.

Hannah Cohen
Hannah Cohen

WREG-TV reported that Hannah Cohen was arrested and spent the night in jail.

Authorities later dropped the charges against Hannah, but the family wasn’t impressed and had already put a lawsuit against the TSA, the Memphis Airport and Airport police in motion.

Though there was no direct comments on the situation from either the TSA or the family’s legal team, the TSA managed to eek out a rather cold and standard statement on the screening process which read:

“Passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation,” TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said.

A report from the Daily News claims  the lawsuit is seeking less than $100,000 in damages.



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