Florida Woman Uses Her ‘Ugly Baby’ to Taunt Driver

India Ralph

*Well, I’m going to add this caveat to the story first: If you can wrap your brain around this circus, you’re deserving of being in genius category. The major sadness is that it involves an innocent child…with a mother named India Turner, but here on out will be referred to as “crazy maniac.”

Here’s the reason she is now crowned with that name.

Authorities say that Crazy Maniac was driving while holding her little boy, in the passenger seat unrestrained, by the neck.

She ended up getting into a crash, left the scene, and was subsequently charged with aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm, aggravated battery, aggravated assault and leaving the scene of said crash.

OK, that’s the cut and dry of it. But it’s the “details” that’s gonna get you.

On May 10, a 43-year-old, yet-to-be-identified woman filed an incident report after she told deputies with the Manatee County, Florida Sheriff’s Office that Crazy Maniac had pulled alongside her car as she was driving southbound on First Street in Bradenton (FL), and began throwing bottles at her car before ramming into her vehicle.

The female victim also told investigators she noticed the front-passenger window was rolled down and Crazy Maniac’s baby boy was on the seat unrestrained.

According to what the victim told investigators…

Crazy Maniac then proceeded to pick the baby boy up by his neck and started taunting the woman saying, “You gonna get this baby,” “It’s all about this ugly (expletive),” and “he looks just like your husband,” the victim reportedly told investigators. The victim then watched as Turner threw the baby boy toward the open window and he let out a “horrible scream and cried out” when he hit the door or floor board.

Now, for all of you who probably judged me for calling this woman CRAZY MANIAC…a judgement I made and stand by….convinced yet?

Deputies used certain information and found that Crazy Maniac was the owner of the vehicle. They went to her house to confront her, and say she became agitated and got into her car and left before more deputies could arrive and arrest her. Her husband, who had been home at the time, also ended up fleeing.
This circus act continues as reports say Turner (I am using her real name here purposely just to make sure you stay focused) actually took the child to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg that same day — claiming she couldn’t pick up the child without him crying.
Damn straight he’s crying woman. He remembers you picked him up yesterday by his neck and THREW HIM towards an open window!
When Crazy Maniac could give no cause to support her ridiculous claims, the hospital staff became suspicious, so they made a call…
To the state child-abuse hotline.
Oh the tangled web we weave. This woman KNEW she had messed up AGAIN and started calling around trying to develop an alibi.
Thank goodness, it didn’t work.
On Friday afternoon, Crazy Maniac made a brief court appearance before Circuit Judge Deno Economou via video conference after the State Attorney’s Office formally filed a case against her, and added the other charges.
The judge appointed the Public Defender’s Office to represent her.
Palms together for this beautiful little boy. And remaining prayerful that Crazy Maniac gets exactly what she is due.
source: miami herald

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