Supermarkets: Please ‘Assume’ We Would ‘Like a Bag’ (Unless We Say Different)


*As I walked out of my neighborhood supermarket today carrying three items, a horrifying thought came across my mind. Mama would beat my ass if she saw me leaving this store without a bag. That momentary traumatic memory has become a running theme song in my mind, thanks to the fact that now days, unless you ASK for a bag to place your items in (something I am still not accustomed to, and therefore never remember to ask for), you’ll be walking out carrying toilet paper, liquor, tampons and your milk and cheese in your arms.

SO WHAT? I look like an idiot.

That’s the rule now and I say…Can you just assume I want a bag and charge me the dime?

The initial justification for this travesty was environmental. Yes, many plastic bags ended up, along with other trash, in our lakes, rivers and oceans due to the careless disposal by some. And sadly, our sea animals continue to suffer because of it. But now this gesture is being seen for exactly what it is: an additional revenue stream for supermarkets.

This is especially obvious since stores such as Target never ceased providing plastic bags, just started charging us for them…I like theirs too. They’re sturdy.)

YES! SOMETIMES we do remember to bring our reusable bags.
YES! SOMETIMES we do remember to bring our reusable bags.

But I ask you, what the hell difference does paying for our bag make to the environment?

We may LOOK like idiots, but remember, looks are deceiving!!!

waiting in line
Ho. Hum. YOU ARE HOLDING UP THE LINE asking, “would you like a bag”…as the customer actually stops to contemplate the question.

DO US ALL A FAVOR: Assume we want the damn bag unless WE say different.

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