Man ‘Pulls Penis Out’ to Scan on Self-Service Tray (Yes, He’s in Jail)


*Oh how I wish I had video to show you. Even as I type this, I am doubled over in laughter. The thought of some fool taking his junk out and placing it on a self-service checkout stand — you know the kind — in an attempt to scan it, well, its something you’d just have to see. But then again, for some reason or another, the image in my mind is rather clear.


The scene was the Quality Food Center in Seattle. A man is said to have walked in, went up to the self-serve counter where he proceeded to take out his genitals and set it on the scanner.

But this, apparently, was no fun alone. So he called a female staffer over to help.

Needless to say, she was far from amused and called the police. But the man had packed his junk and left by the time they arrived.

According to the Seattle Police Dept. report, the woman approached the man, who had entered the store around 5 p.m., and “she saw that his penis was out on the stand.”

Police subsequently collared the man, Christian Fisher, 31,  about a block from the store. Told that he was under arrest for indecent exposure, Fisher “became agitated and yelled ‘I didn’t whip my cock out!’” He was later booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor count and an assault rap.

The Smoking Gun reports he now faces an indecent exposure charge after going back later and getting into a row with security staff.

According to jail records, Fisher’s bust Wednesday night was his fourth arrest this month. He has previously been nabbed on burglary, assault, and obstruction charges.

Last month, an Ohio man was arrested after he allegedly stripped naked and defecated on a self-checkout scanner at a Kroger supermarket. Colin Murphy, 23, was arrested on disorderly conduct and public indecency charges.

After this incident, ya think “Quality Food Center” may need a name change?




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