Watch: This Young Brother Met an ‘Angel’ at Krogers in Memphis

Chauncey Jones Black
Chauncey Jones Black

*You need help carrying your bags? Chauncey Jones Black said something to this affect, when he offered to carry a man’s bags at a Memphis Krogers store he had taken the bus across town to …in hopes of getting someone from “the rich people’s Kroger” on Highland to buy him something to eat. The “something” he hoped for was a bag of donuts.

No telling how often young Mr. Jones depended on this strategy but…

Today was his lucky day.

He met Matt White.

Chauncey, as it turns out, lives with his mother; and the two of them were living in hard times. According to NewsOne, Black had told White that coming to the store was the only chance for him (and his mother) to eat that day.

White, a man with rock-star looks (not the drugged out kind), not only accepted the 16-year-old’s offer, but got to know him as the two of them shopped for food.

White learned all kinds of things about his new young friend that day. He learned that Jones was a straight A student; and had dreams of owning his own business one day, where he could help others in his neighborhood.

ABC World News Tonight caught up with the two new friends and watching the video (scroll down) will bring tears to your eyes. Chauncey can be your son or mine. But Matt treated him like his own. Its easy to see he’s just a kid trying to earn his way and make his mama proud.

White ended up taking his new friend home; where he saw first-hand all that Chauncey had described.

In a Facebook post, here is an excerpt of what Matt wrote

I just met the most inspiring person ever. His name is Chauncey Jones. He’s a 16 year old from Memphis. He had taken the bus at 9:00 at night to get to the “rich people’s Kroger” on Highland as he called it. He approached me while I was shopping for produce asking if he could help me carry my grocery bags to my car in exchange for buying him a pack of glazed donuts. This kid looked like he had been turned down 100 times. He looked ashamed, hungry and broken.

Read White’s entire post here.

White’s Facebook page telling the story shows a multitude of views (24K) and shares (12K) and comments (2.7K) on his act of kindness. Humbled by all the attention, Matt made sure to tell Chauncey before leaving him, and after hugging him, that he was “going to be an incredible man one day.”

Matt said he saw hope in the young man’s eyes.

Matt went on to create a GoFundMe page for Chauncey and his mom entitled “Chauncey’s Chance.”

To contribute to OUR son and his mother, click on the green link or paste the one below in your browser.

On the GoFundMe page White says,

“I didn’t think it could happen, but it did. I’m 30 years old and I have a new hero.

And he’s 16.” 

Chauncey's Chance

Thank you, Matt White. From the bottom of our hearts.


UPDATE: Chauncey Jones Black and his mother have a breakthrough! (And its good y’all!)

I’ll give you a hint…As of this writing, the family has been blessed with $202,244 of their $250K goal!!!

And yep, just like the Jeffersons, they are MOVIN’ ON UP!


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  1. God is ALWAYS great! How about the local churches embracing Chauncey and his mom, and treating them like family?

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