Sista Married to Jewish Man Who Sired 23 Kids, Said to be ‘Livid’ (Photos)


Ari Nagel with one of his many sired children. This one is named Zoe Harrison
Ari Nagel with one of his many sired children. This one is named Zoe Harrison

*Lordy. Lordy. Lordy. And his precious jewel ain’t raw yet? I’m sorry, but this is the first thought that comes to mind as I read about a man who loves “making women so happy” that he spends most of his life going into the bathrooms of stores that you and I frequent (Target, Starbucks) to masturbate and put the results in little cups welcomed by the anxious hands of grateful women who long to have children, but can’t afford the expense of sperm banks.


Meet 40-year-old Ari Nagel, a not-bad-looking-at-all Jewish man, who has proudly sired 23 children (over the past 18 years) with women of every race, sexual orientation and hell, you name it!

But Roxanne Nagel, the sista he has been married to for 12 years and sired three children ages 2-12 with — the one whose communal income has surely been tapped to help with the child support payments (Nagel says although the women agree not to sue him when they begin the strange relationship, five of them have… successfully) has never been on board with his contributions.

When an article initially came out in The Post publicizing the CUNY Kingsboro math professor’s um…donations, the publication caught up with Mrs. Nagel (scroll down to see her) outside of the couple’s home, the only thing she would say is, “I have nothing to say. What’s done is done.”

Say "Cheese"
Say “Cheese”…Daddy donor poses with one of his children.

“She was never happy about all these other kids, but she tolerated it,” her husband told The Post after one reader who saw the article said she was “devastated” by it and “had no idea this was happening.”

Do you think money these women paid for his sperm may be helping her ‘tolerate’ it?

Nagel did admit that his wife was “livid” and “yelling at me a lot” after the Post article was published.

So what is it that keeps them married?

The answer may be in the song with lyrics, “Hey! Must be da money!”

Ari and Roxanne were in a committed relationship when their son was born in 2004, and married about a year later. But Nagel says at some point it became a marriage of convenience, adding that he and his wife “sleep in separate bedrooms.”

Describing his marriage as “complicated” Nagel says that his wife “knew what was going on, she didn’t support it. She always wanted me to be a regular, traditional spouse.”

Care to CAPTION this photo of another child Nagel sired?

Ya think?

He and Roxanne raise their 12-year-old son and two daughters, ages 2 and 5 years old. Nagel suggests the youngest two were born after his and Roxanne’s relationship went sour.

“When she saw me donating to all these women, she asked, ‘Why are they worthy and I’m not?’

Ari and Roxanne Nagel
Ari and Roxanne Nagel. He gives the words “Super Dad” a whole new meaning.

After all is said and done, I will say this. At least Nagel is taking care of his kids. Reports say he keeps in touch with them and attends birthday parties and graduations. And he must be giving something — not only to the five women who sued him for child support, but to the 18 women who didn’t.

I hear he even has a Facebook page of pictures dedicated to them.

Roxanne girl, its none of our business what is going on in that head of yours about all of this. If your marriage has been “on the rocks” for a long time, and you continue to support this man by staying married to him, that’s on you.

But I don’t have to know you to feel that you deserve better, girlfriend.

After all, a marriage of convenience is one thing, being totally disrespected by your husband is quite another.

Something tells me though, Mr. Professor, your days of sire-for-hire is going to come to an end real soon. But not before your predicted appearance on the Wendy Williams show.

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