Update: Body of Disney Toddler Found ‘Intact,’ Family Identified, Autopsy Planned

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*Although this is in no way good news, we can only hope that it will serve to provide some level of closure for Matt and Melissa Graves; whose 2-year-old son, Lane , was fatally attacked by an alligator while the family vacationed at Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon Resort in Orlando, Florida, this week. The family hails from Elkorn, Nebraska.

According to Sheriff Jerry Demings, the body of the child was found ‘completely intact.’

Melissa Graves and her son, Matt.
We send our love and prayers to Matt and Melissa Graves, here with her late son, Matt.

While talking to the media outside of the Disney location in Orlando, sheriff Demings fielded questions from the media. One reporter asked the sheriff if the child had been doing something he should not have been doing and the sheriff responded, “I don’t believe this child was doing anything that any other 2-year-old wouldn’t do.”

Demings said the child was in a playpen near the water.

Nick Wiley, the executive director of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservative Commission was asked what will be done moving forward. He responded that they will take precautions to ensure “this will not happen again.”

Sheriff Jerry Demings graciously answered questions from the media
Sheriff Jerry Demings graciously answered questions from the media

When asked if he felt there was enough warning, or signage, placed to prevent such an incident, sheriff Demings said he “would not comment” and referred these questions to Disney, who he said “will be able to answer such questions.”

As you can imagine, the media was going ape-sh*t with a barrage of questions until the sheriff excused himself and walked away.

If you are wondering why an autopsy would be performed after we seem to know how the toddler was killed, there may be several reasons why. For one, as mentioned by Dr. Sanjay Gupta while speaking with CNN, “Any marks discovered on the body will help identify the particular gator,” who the authorities say WILL be found and removed.

Another reason may be to confirm that the child had been drowned by the alligator, as opposed to the reptile feeding off of the child; which was NOT the case.

Note: Previous reports say the gator may have mistaken the child for a dog or raccoon.

The lifespan of an American alligator, as this one was identified, can be anywhere from 30-50 years, and they can grow to weigh up to 500 pounds.



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