Steelton PA Couple Admits Their 11 Kids Lived Among Maggots, Feces

Takeya Fluellen

*Ugh. An overflowing trashcan filled with maggots. Raw meat. A non-functioning toilet clogged with human waste. And flies. Flies. And more flies. I repeat: Ugh. Now add to this eleven children ages 2 to 14 living in this. And 6 of them suffering from a bacterial infection caused by them eating poop.

Good Lord, there are good people out there who would give anything to become parents and cannot.

And then there’s Tyree and Takuya Fluellen.

The couple had been on the radar of police and county  children’s services for nearly a year, after the authorities responded to a report about unpleasant odors coming from the apartment where they  lived. They were charged in July of 2015, but managed to take the children and slip away when the authorities arrived at the home.

Now, the couple has pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges and the children are safely out of their reach.

Tyree Fluellen
Tyree Fluellen

Deputy District Attorney Katie Adam told Judge Deborah E. Curcillo that the couple’s home was polluted with trash and feces and swarming with flies. An overflowing trash can was filled with maggots and the non-functioning toilet was clogged with human waste. She also said there was no furniture in the home.

But Judge Curcillo said she hasn’t decided if she will accept sentencing agreements that will have Tyree and Takuya Fluellen serving prison terms of 1- to 2-years followed by 8 years of probation.

Adams told Tyree Fluellen that the judge can reject his deal, “if she feels it’s not in the best interest of justice.”

PennLive reports that an agreement was offered to the couple two weeks ago, which calls for the dismissal of six aggravated assault charges, the most serious counts the two face.

Curcillo has ordered that pre-sentence investigations of the Fluellens be conducted before she sentences them next month.

Lord. I’m at a loss here.

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