Women Who Beat Up McDonald’s Employee for ‘Working Too Slow’ Arrested!

McDonalds, these women beat up worker

*Police in Belleview, Ohio say three women who felt the female McDonald’s employee that serviced their order was  working too slow decided to beat her up.

Yes. These heifers saw the employee standing in the parking lot after work, waiting for her ride, when they assaulted her.

Local police posted mugshots of the three women on Facebook, and the pictures are getting strong reactions. The women, Ashley England, Mary Jordan and Sammie Whaler were arrested  on Wednesday and charged with assault, and one of the women, England, was also charged with theft after she took the employee’s glasses.

I’ve certainly been in restaurants where my food took longer than I wanted depending on my degree of hungry. But for the life of me, I don’t know what it would take for me to actually be so unsettled about such a thing that I would WAIT for the person who serviced me OUTSIDE and then BEAT THAT PERSON UP!

I apologize in advance to those reading this, who I am about to offend…

But these bitches need a life!

They actually didn’t have shit else to do. So they waited…hours maybe… until the employee GOT OFF WORK and then beat her up?


And to add insult to injury, these classless wenches had their own kids with them, when they beat the woman up. So England and Jordan had child endangerment charges placed on them as well.

Social media posts are calling the women’s actions “shameful,” and “unacceptable.” One poster wrote, “I hope the judge wipes the smiles off their faces,” after seeing the mugshots where these idiots actually appear happy.

And as if to think up and use any excuse that comes to mind, Ashley (pictured below) defended her contributions to the beat-down by saying the woman called her kid the “N word.”

Ashley England said the McDonald's employee she helped beat up called her kids the N word.
Ashley England said the McDonald’s employee she helped beat up called her kids the N word.

“U call my kids N word should of been prepared for what was gonna happen,” she wrote on her Facebook account.

What, if anything, would encourage anybody to call the blonde hair, blue-eyed kid pictured below, such a word?

Compliments of Facebook, here's Ashley England's kid.
Compliments of Facebook, here’s Ashley England’s kid.


These accusations were denied by police, who looked at the surveillance video and say no such words were used.

Tom Hubbard, the owner and operator of the McDonald’s where this incident took place issued a statement saying they were horrified that their employee was attacked, but thankful that she is recovering.

These women need to be dealt with severely. We simply cannot have people going around beating up food service workers just because our orders may take more time than we’d like. There is no place for this behavior in a civilized world.

Hit ’em with a steep fine (people usually remember stuff when they are hit in the pocket) and a bit of time behind bars would also send a strong message.

Add to that a list of 20 questions on what they plan to do with their lives because, I’m gonna say it again, these heifers need a vision board or something.

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