Superman Joins the CW’s Supergirl…but Will Tom Welling Play Him?


*If you’re not a sci fi super-nerd, skip this story!   For the rest of us…read on!

Fans of CBS’ former Supergirl series just got their second summer gift. The first was the series being picked up by the CW. The show enjoyed a strong debut last fall, but suffered declining weekly audiences throughout its initial run.  Many fans were left wondering whether the Girl of Steel would fly again next season.

Producers just announced the search for an actor to play Kara Zor-El’s famous cousin, better known as Clark Kent / Superman, in the first two episodes of the upcoming season. Kal only showed up in flashbacks, backlit images with his face obscured, a pair of boots (in a brilliantly-directed episode), or a CGI blur here or there in the first season.


(I could have wept when I first saw that image, prominent in Supergirl’s intro each week.  Don’t judge.)

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of Supergirl,” said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.  “We cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!”

Season 1 of Supergirl was must-DVR TV for me last season, so I feel you, Andrew!  

Some fans are questioning whether we need Superman in the only superhero series featuring a female lead. Others are clamoring for the return of Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent for ten seasons of Smallville on the CW’s predecessor, the WB.

I say “yes” to the first question. The world — ANY world — ALWAYS needs Superman, right?  And while Melissa Benoist (of Glee fame) played the series’ title character with aplomb, the season’s declining ratings suggest her portrayal wasn’t quite enough.

As far as Welling’s return goes, there’s already a petition to have him don the tights. But as much as I loved the Smallville series (I own every season on Blu Ray — the producers had me at “Hello, Lois”), I don’t know how I feel about that.

There’s a part of me that wants to see Tom back in the role. Another part says the universe depicted in Supergirl’s a new one. The show has already done a great job of casting actors associated with the characters — including Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) as Kara’s father and Helen Slater (the feature flop Supergirl) as her mom. So they could toss Welling in somewhere to appease fans with giving him the coveted role of the Man of Steel…

Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? Smallville’s series finale teased us with what a Tom Welling Superman could be, with his Clark Kent ripping his white shirt open to reveal the iconic S and taking flight to save the day.   I was sold. Cheering for more. In tears. (Again, don’t judge!)

Hey, CW: listen up! Give Welling the job!

Let us know what YOU think!  Should Superman join the CW’s Supergirl universe?  Has Welling earned the right to be the network’s next Superman, or should another actor be cast?  If so, who’s your pick to don the tights and cape?  Let us know in the “Comments” section.  

And now, we return you to your regular EURthisnthat programming!


This article was written by freelancer Michael P Coleman, who has a Superman memorabilia collection that dates back to the 1950s!  Follow him on Twitter.  

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