Dallas Woman Pleads ‘Help Me’ as Pack of Wild Dogs Devour Her (Graphic Audio)

Antoinette Brown

*The 911 calls came into dispatch in rapid succession. Each caller seemingly more frantic than the last. They were reporting a horrible scene playing out right before their eyes. Their neighbor, Antoinette Brown, was being mauled by a pack of loose dogs, and there was nothing they could do to save her.

According to the 52-year-old woman’s family, the dogs devoured her like they were “eating a steak.”

The horrific incident happened in early May of this year, but what puts it in the news now is Tuesday’s release of the chilling audio (I can’t bear to listen to it, but I am sure a woman screaming for her life as she is savagely attacked by wild dogs is nothing less than chilling).

You can hear the audio yourself below.

The calls also reveal how the mauling affected Brown’s neighbors, who felt helpless to intervene. Both callers sound panicked, but tell dispatchers they are too afraid to try to save her.

“She’s out there begging for somebody to help her,” Jackie Humphrey, who was the first person to call, told the 911 dispatcher. “I know some dogs was out there and somebody came and ran them off. But she’s still out there moaning and groaning and I’m scared to go outside.”

Humphrey can be heard saying, “I’m calling because there’s a woman out here somewhere — I looked out there but I’m kinda scared I can’t find her — but now she’s out there begging for somebody to help her.”

She says she can hear Brown begging: “Somebody help me. Help me! Somebody, help me!

“She’s been doing it — moaning and groaning — and if something happens to her I would feel bad if I didn’t call y’all to come out here and check it out,” Humphrey says.


The dispatcher assures her she will send police to the area, and last month police said that officers responded to the scene at 4:50 a.m. — seven minutes after Humphrey called. But when the next call comes in at 5:02 a.m., a man identified only as Kenneth reports that Brown is still being attacked by several dogs.

“Is the female moving around?” the dispatcher asks.

“Yeah, miss, that’s what I’m saying is some dogs are attacking. We can’t get close to her,” he says.

“Oh, they’re attacking her right now?”

“They attacked me too,” the man says. “She’s in the field laying down, calling for help. I can’t do nothing.”

Police apparently arrived by the end of Kenneth’s call.

After 100 dog bites, Brown was put into a medically induced coma, but sadly, died a week later according to The Dallas Morning News.

You can click on the Audio call directly below. And hear a 2nd call, from Kenneth” below that.

Listen to the call from Kenneth here.

Questions have been directed to the city as to the response time from the officers and no response has come forth as of this writing from the assistant city manager per request.

No doubt these dogs will be/have been destroyed.

They should be.


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