Graphic Video Shows Man Assaulting Woman on Bus … See What the Bus Driver Did

Bus attack

*Some of us have nightmares about this kind of sh*t. Why oh why does mental health go unchecked so often. The New York Post shares video footage below of a man attacking a woman, at random it seems, on a bus.

In the video we see the woman is sitting on one side of the bus, minding her own business and in her own world, when the man, sitting on the other side suddenly rises as if he is about to exit the bus.

Instead, he raises his foot and kicks her square in the face.

As the woman makes every attempt to defend herself from the deranged freak, the bus driver gets up and attempts to help.

She too is assaulted by the man.

But she does manage to distract him long enough for the other people on the bus to escape.

The man yells at the bus driver, who has managed to call emergency services, to “Close the doors!” “Close ALL the doors!”

Bus attack2

She responds, again, attempting to distract him so that she, too, can escape. “OK, you go and check the back door and I will check this one.”

How else do you talk to a deranged demon?

Of course he doesn’t buy into it. But somehow, the driver has managed to put the bus on lock-down and run out the door; leaving the man locked inside until police arrive.

Kudos to this amazing bus driver, who put herself on the line and helped a situation before it became deadly.

Whew. WARNING. The video below is GRAPHIC!


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