Black Customers on ‘Airbnb’ (Homeshare) Continue to Face Race Discrimination

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*It seems Airbnb, the company and website designed to make it a breeze for people to list, find, and rent lodging while vacaying in areas all over the world, continues to have problems with homeowners’ who have issues when it comes to renting to black folk.

In other words: Airbnb spells drama for black people.

You may recall just a few months back, a black man set the Internet ablaze when he outed the issues of race and discrimination he faced trying to rent a place while using his “real” Airbnb profile. He faced no such difficulties when he created more “white-sounding” profiles. And was rented to immediately.

His revelations were followed up by a lawsuit that claimed the company was violating the Fair Housing Act.

On Wednesday, Airbnb banned a North Carolina host for basically, BEING IGNORANT OUT LOUD! When the host was contacted by Shani Taylor, a potential customer, she was hit back with a racist response — which she tweeted via screen shot.

The host, since identified as Todd Warner, threatened to cancel the woman’s reservation saying, “Find another place to rest your n****r head.”

I don’t care what Webster says, if that isn’t the definition of “ignorant,” I don’t know what it is.

Here’s Taylor’s screen shot.

A friend of Taylor’s went even further and posted the entire conversation on her blog, showing where Warner referred to her as “blacky” and used other obscene language.

I don’t blame Airbnb for the ignorance of the people they deal with…IF they STOP dealing with them; as they seem to have done with this man.

A company representative responded to Taylor’s tweet saying, “Airbnb does not condone discrimination in any way. We take this seriously.”

They added, “We have located the reservation and have emailed the account holder.”

Then in an attempt to assure they mean what they say, Taylor was advised to read their anti-discrimination policy and to direct message them additional info.

Nick Papas from Airbnb said this to USA Today: “We were horrified when we read these messages. The language and conduct are unacceptable and violate both our policies and everything we believe in. This host has been removed from Airbnb and we’ve reached out to the guest to offer our full and complete support, including ensuring the guest has a safe place to stay.”

CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky also tweeted about the incident saying…

“The incident in NC was disturbing and unacceptable. Racism and discrimination have no place on Airbnb. We have permanently banned this host.


These racist idiots continue to give full blown examples of what ignorance looks like. To hold onto that much hate against someone you don’t know, have never met, and have no personal connection with, all because of the color of their skin, continues to baffle the mind.

If anything, and this is not something I do or condone, it is black folk who have more right to hate whites. And though there are those who do, even in this day and time, after all is said and historically done, there are more black folk who don’t.

I believe education is what separates the two. There is no way to dress up ignorance. Period. It’s always going to find a way to show itself.

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