Stripper Spends $120,000 to Look Like Disney Princess…and Fails


*This chick goes straight into my “Bat Shit Crazy” file.

25-year-old Pixee Fox (and if THAT’s not a stripper name, I don’t know what is), has undergone 15 total surgeries, in her quest to look like Jessica Rabbit or a Disney princess — and she’s not done, yet.

“I’ve always been inspired by cartoons and Disney movies — all the curves and tiny waists,” Fox said.

What Fox seems to have missed is the fact that the “curves and tiny waists” she covets are drawings on a page — NOT REAL PEOPLE.

She HAS managed to achieve a 14 inch waist.  Yes, she had ribs removed — six of them, in fact.  She’s had surgeries on her eyelids, her brow, her butt, her cheeks, her lips, and she’s endured a fat-melting procedure to help her further trim what was left of her original body.

The picture up top shows you what Fox looks like now:  the bastard child of Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson.

Just in case you’re curious, here’s how she looked before the surgeries:


Pixie Fox

I’m not into blond white girls, but she’s pretty.  Or she was.  What a waste.

And I don’t know about you, but I think Fox will have to hit the tanning booth or the beach if she hopes to look like a REAL Disney princess…



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