Parents of Alabama Teen Electrocuted in Lake Warns Others to ‘Be Careful’ (Video)

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*Now that spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner, a lot of teens will be headed towards the water. Thankfully, African American teens and their friends don’t necessarily carry the fear of water that their parents and elders before them who never learned how to swim may have. So they will be headed out to the lakes and pools in droves. BUT BEFORE YOU LET THEM GO…this family wants you to know something that will save a life. Make sure there is no electricity in the water.

The ABC News anchor in the video below (scroll down) says “There have been at least 25 electrocutions across the country over the past five years, shocks coming with no warning and sometimes they are legal.”

Scary yes?

Carmen Johnson was a 15-year-old cheerleader who was the light of her family’s life. The youngest of their children, she got good grades, and loved the water. But a tragic accident came about as a result of “rusty electrical work” on the dock in their backyard which brought the deadly currents to the water and Carmen was electrocuted in the lake near the family home. Now her parents are speaking out to warn others before another life is taken.

“It’s called ‘electric shock drowning’ and it comes about when a current from usually a short in the wiring of a dock, marina or boat spreads through the water,” says the newscaster.

Friends who jumped into the water (at quite a risk I might add) say they were nearly killed — a misfortune that may have come to fruition had it not been for the teen’s mother, Casey, who ran to turn off a power switch; after her husband, who had grabbed hold of a ladder, couldn’t let go.

RIP Carmen Johnson
RIP Carmen Johnson

According to the newscaster, several states are now putting changes into motion that would require improvements including circuit breakers near the water or the same type of electrical outlets we see in restrooms that automatically shut down if there is a power shortage or overload.

Keep yourself and your family safe this summer by…

INSPECTING the electrical equipment at pools, docks and marinas at least once a year.

Get a “shock alarm” that warns when there is electricity in the water.

“There are probably a lot of drownings that happen, that could be from this, and the people don’t know that’s what it is,” says Casey Johnson.

So very true, and thank you so very much for sharing your story. Our heartfelt condolences to your family.

Watch the news video report directly below. 

Rest in sweet peace, Carmen Johnson. Gone too soon.


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