Detectives in Ohio Caught on Tape Calling Trayvon Martin N-Word

Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin

*Two on-duty Ohio sheriff’s detectives who were secretly recorded in 2013 as they joked around and used racist epithets about the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, by self-appointed neighborhood lord and savior George Zimmerman, have been ordered to take sensitivity training.

I can pretty much read your mind right now: Sensitivity training my ass!

Of course the deputy who recorded the Hocking County sheriff’s department detectives laughing it up at the late teen’s  expense, former deputy Jeremy Dye — is no longer employed at the department, but his recording reveals the detectives using terms such as “n——-“ and “thug” in reference to Martin, multiple times and one of the detectives even mocked African Americans who called into a radio show to express their anger and sorrow by using an accented voice.

The Logan Daily News was the first to report on this story last month, followed by The Huffington Post, who independently acquired a copy of the audio just this week.

Patrick Allison, 55, is prominent on the tape, and left the department after it was revealed. He is heard joking about starting a business that sells crosses to burn in the yards of black people.  

Allison said: ‘That n****r is a good n****r, Lord.

He also said,

‘Wasn’t that n****r  wearing a hoodie in Florida? It was like 90 degrees.’

And added…

“We should make a little money if they all pay us to burn crosses in negroes’ yards. We could sell portable crosses like a wood cross with a base. It could have the fire starter chunks built in it.”

Allison’s colleague and partner-in-crime, Edwin Downs, 41, still works for the sheriff’s department. His foulness on the recording states, “Maybe you shouldn’t be black,” as he refers to African-Americans worried about their children’s safety after Martin was killed.  

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Downs, unaware he was being recorded, was asked if Zimmerman was right to shoot Martin and if gun control played a part in the shooting, to which he responded: ‘It did, but a lot of it was because he was a n****r – a n****r thug.’

So back to the sensitivity training.

According to what a spokesperson told the Logan Daily News, it was requested of the detectives by the department as soon as the tape was revealed.

As if.

“Of course, I don’t condone that at all, said Sheriff Lanny North to the Columbus Dispatch. “[Not] from them or anybody.”

“We should be setting an example,” he added.

Should. That’s a big word. And it apparently came from one side of North’s mouth because the following statement obviously came from another.

The Wyoming Daily News reports North as saying the detectives were entitled to use racist language, insisting they had a right to ‘freedom of speech.’

So my question to you is: Do you think ‘sensitivity training’ is what these detectives need or what…?

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