Here We Go Again: Another Black Woman Dies While in Police Custody


*Black. Beautiful. Intelligent and only 22-years old, Symone Nicole Marshall had everything to live for, but her mysterious death while being held in the Walker County Jail in Huntsville, Texas seems to have left everyone mute. No explanation has come forth from the police. Nadda from the medical examiner. And even more surprising nothing was reported in the local news. Marshall (shown in photo above) leaves behind an adorable 3-year-old daughter. Her sister, Honey Marshall, says police ignored the severity of injuries she sustained in an automobile accident on April 26. Her car is said to have flipped over several times before landing in a ditch, and she was not allowed to get medical attention and subsequently died.

According to what Symone told her sister, Honey, “someone” ran her off the road.

“My sister Symone moved to Texas for a fresh start in life a few months ago. She was doing good down there, had a job and was about to buy a house. She’s a beautiful person, never been in trouble before and didn’t deserve this,” Honey Marshall said.


According to the New York Daily News, Honey Marshall said…

“When I talked to her from jail, she complained that her head was hurting and she kept blacking out.”

“I called the jail several times and requested for them to take her to a real hospital and they wouldn’t do so. If they would have done this, her death could have been prevented and my sister would still be here. My heart hurts so bad. She was my best friend. I am so angry that they did this to her.”

Police and jail officials declined to comment or release information about the accident to the Daily News. Marshall’s family also said they have not been able to get information from officials.

There are so many questions swirling around in my head over this, I am feeling quite dizzy. First and most significant is why in the hell was a woman who was obviously injured taken to jail in the first place and not to the hospital?


The death of Symone Nicole Marshall is now on a growing list of African American women who have died while in jail and includes Sandra Bland of Texas, Kindra Chapman of Alabama, Joyce Curnell of South Carolina, Ralkina Jones of Ohio, Alexis McGovern of Missouri, and Raynetta Turner of New York.


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