Mama Goose Seeks Out Police to Help Untangle Her Baby (Watch)

Sergeant James Givens
Sergeant James Givens

*And you thought you’d heard it all! Think again because its doubtful you’ve heard about a goose smart enough to seek out the help of a police officer because her baby bird is in trouble.

Admittedly, and as of late, we’ve heard of humans doing much less for their kids!

Humph! But I digress.

In a do you understand the words that are coming out of my beak kind of way, one mother goose had to let go of her prejudices, and ask for help of the human kind after her baby gosling got tangled up in some wire.

“She kept pecking and pecking and normally they don’t come near us, Sgt. James Givens told WKRC about the bird who was trying to get his attention by “knocking on the door” of the patrol car.

“Then it walked away, and it stopped and looked back…and I followed it. And it led me to the baby that was tangled up in all that string,” the sergeant added.

In what can only be described as a real life example of how we continue to harm our planet by turning its creeks and other waterways into garbage disposals, the little bird was found tied up in the string from a Mother’s Day balloon.

The sergeant filmed the video below on his cellphone showing specialist Cecilia Charron, who called the ASPCA, but found that no one was available, working fervently to untangle the baby as its mother looked on, making sounds of distress..

Givens appreciated the support from specialist Charron, who he says, “Has kids of her own and that ‘motherly instinct’ must have kicked in.”

The sergeant was fearful of the goose, so this female officer took over and untangled to baby bird
The sergeant was fearful of the goose, so Specialist Cecilia Charron took over and untangled to baby bird.

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Specialist Charron later commented to Sgt. Givens, “You never know after you have a party where those balloons are going to land.”

“Exactly,” responds Sgt. Givens.

Watch the amazing video directly below.

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