Charleston Church Where Nine People Died, Criticized for Sloppy Payouts


Church, Dylann Roof

*The church where Dylann Roof took the lives of nine innocent people during Bible study was given $3 million in donations after the mass shooting, but it has given only $1 million of that to the families of the victims.

According to reports by The Post and Courier of Charleston, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church will keep about $1.8 million of the donations for building maintenance, an endowment and a scholarship fund.

Not everyone is satisfied with the disbursement, with the family member of one of the victims questioning the amount he received.

Cynthia Hurd died in the shootings and her husband Arthur sued the church claiming it was being too secretive about donations. But the lawsuit was dropped after Emanuel AME turned documents over to his lawyer.

Hurd said his check for $50,000 was less than he expected and the letter gave no details on how the money was divided.

“I feel like it says, ‘Take this and shut up,’ ” Hurd said.

The family members received a form letter along with their checks in certified letters this week.

“It’s just sad how the church continues to disrespect the families,” said the Rev. Sharon Risher, whose 70-year-old mother Ethel Lance died in the shooting.


According to police, shooter Dylann Roof was motivated by hatred for blacks and wanted to ignite a race war. He is still in prison awaiting a death penalty trial in state court.

Read more at The Post and Courier.

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