‘There Was No Love in This Kids Life’ Prosecutor Said of Boy Whose Parents Starved Him

Lori Lloyd and Christopher Sefton
Lori Lloyd and Christopher Sefton

*I hate to say it, and at the risk of sounding ‘ignorant’ when I hear about children whose bellies are swollen due to malnutrition, my mind immediately goes to places like Africa and India; and all of those god-awful pictures we have seen on TV of starving children with flies circling their eyes.

I know there are hungry people here in the states, hell, “keepin’ it real,” not even I have been spared, but after hearing about this boy, who lives right here in Seattle, my mind did a U-turn and came right back home.

Last week, Christopher Sefton and his fiancee, Lori Lloyd, both 31, got 20 years in prison for abusing and starving their son (since 2013); only feeding him “smoothies” that consisted of mash up hot dogs, bread, carrots and vegetable oil.

Such pure hatred of ANYTHING, even moreso your own child, is unfathomable. And to waste the resources that 20 years in prison will use on them is just as bad.

A report in The Washington Post reads,

It was October 2013, prosecutors said, when the boy’s father, Christopher Sefton, and Sefton’s fiancee, Lori Lloyd, began to abuse and starve him, according to Seattlepi.com. The boy later told police that he had been surviving on “shakes” that, his father said, mashed together bread, carrots, hot dogs, water and vegetable oil for extra calories.

Medical personnel said that the boy’s abdomen was swollen, that his rib cage was flared and that the skin around his stomach was thinning — signs that he suffered from malnutrition and starvation, according to court records.

“There was no love in this kid’s life,” senior deputy prosecutor Cecelia Gregson said last month at the end of a months-long trial, according to Seattlepi.com.

Gregson told Seattlepi.com that the judge deemed the sentence appropriate because the case “was exceptional in every way.”

The couple is from Auburn, Washington, and their dirty deed was first unveiled when police were called to Chinook Elementary School in Auburn on a March morning in 2014, according to court records. The boy, who was 6-years-old at the time, is only identified in the documents as “KS.” He had shown up at school with a split lip, bruises and a weight-loss problem — claiming his dad hit him because he placed food on the car seat while tying his shoe.

During further questioning of the boy, and his revelations about the treatment he received from his father, welfare workers became more and more suspicious.

Eventually the boy was transported to a hospital.

“During this visit to Children’s Hospital, KS disclosed that he is only fed a blended drink in the morning and for dinner,” according to the court documents. “He also explained that he often does not like to drink the ‘shake,’ but that if he refuses, he receives no other food.”

The boy’s father insisted the only reason he fed him the “shakes” is because the boy “intentionally choked on solid food.”

Investigation also revealed “snarky texts” — according to court records — sent between the parents.

By the grace of the most powerful, “KS” is alive and he, along with his siblings, have been placed in other homes.

Watch the video report directly below.

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