Philly Hosts 17th Annual ‘White Privilege Conference’…What Happens There?

Heather Hackman
Heather Hackman

*Are you as shocked as I am that there is an actual CONFERENCE on white privilege? Well here’s another shocker, this latest one was their 17th annual.

Yes. The WPC has been happening for 17 years, and it is a 2-day event which, this year, occurred April 15-17 in the City of Brotherly Love aka Philadelphia.

As the Johnny Guitar Watson song sings, ain’t that a bitch?

Now the question remains, what the hell goes down at this conference? What’s on the agenda? Are their vendors? What are they selling?

My mind is spinning with all kinds of curiosity. But alas, here are some answers.

One of the events at WPC was a workshop conducted by an educator. It was called: “No Freedom Unless We Call Out the Wizard Behind The Curtain: Critically Addressing the Corrosive Effects of Whiteness in Teacher Education and Professional Development.”

OK. They’ve certainly got my attention.

Heather Hackman from Hackman Consulting Group taught the class, where she worked to impress upon teachers how modern education is hopelessly tainted by white supremacy and the “white imperial gaze,” and the solution is to train prospective teachers in college to be activists as well as pedagogues.

Hackman reportedly went so far as to tell the workshop attendees that if they were not seriously promoting social justice in the classroom, they may as well stop teaching.

I’m kinda liking this woman.

She tells those in the workshop, “Education is not about the mere reproduction of knowledge. Education is the practice of freedom. And as a result, we have to have [teaching] students become activists as well as teachers.”

Heather Hackman

Hackman believes in the creation of educators who will be proper activists, She says this means training them to not only encourage diversity but also to engage with the systemic oppression she says is pervasive in the entire educational system.

Approaching the problem from its core, get it?

This woman apparently does. And it takes someone like her; someone who looks like them to share the news with them in a way that they will listen and not discard it so easily because, after all, it doesn’t benefit her.

Hackman teaches that virtually everything associated with being a good student in modern education is actually just a tool of racist white supremacy.

“The racial narrative of White tends to be like this: Rugged individual, honest, hard-working, disciplined, rigorous, successful,” she states. “And so then, the narrative of U.S. public education: Individual assessments, competition, outcome over process (I care more about your grades than how you’re doing), ‘discipline’ where we care more about your attendance and making sure you’re not tardy than we care about your relationships  … proper English must be spoken (which is just assimilation into standard U.S. dialect), hierarchical power structure, and heavy goal orientation.”

Hackman says the aforementioned traits should not simply be seen as positive traits for success in the modern world, but are instead traits designed to favor whites while degrading everyone who is not white and forcing these non-whites into the role of assimilation if they don’t want to be left behind.

She is sharing what nonwhites already know, but again, such words — coming from a white woman and being delivered to a white audience is priceless.

Read more of her lesson at the Daily Caller.



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