Father Admits to Accidental Killing of Daughter, 4, But Son, 5, Was Initially Blamed

little girl shot in face

*When are we going to do away with guns? Seeing as though NOTHING good ever comes from their existence. A little girl in Philadelphia is dead because her father was playing around with a gun when it accidentally went off and a bullet landed in her face. The father freaked out and fled the scene. By the time the girl was discovered, her 5-year-old brother was assumed to be the culprit.

The incident happened inside a residence in the 200 block of East Mayfield Street in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Police say the man fled the scene after the shooting but was later taken into custody. His name had not been released at this time.

Police say a weapon was recovered inside the home.

Initially,  it had been reported that the little girl’s brother had placed the shot.

As it turns out, the mother’s boyfriend (the girl’s father) is the owner of the gun and he was later brought into custody and questioned at police headquarters on Saturday.

Sgt. Eric Gripp said police were trying to determine who else was in the home when the shooting occurred.

According to CBS Philadelphia, a woman named Crystal Dougherty is a friend of the victim’s family, and said the family is close to the people in the neighborhood and the child was well-liked.

“She was a great big sister to her little brother,” Dougherty said. “She was very smart, at four years old, she knows her alphabet, her colors.”

Dougherty said the family is “… outgoing. They are supportive of others. They’re there for me when I was going through rough times, I mean it’s just, it’s, they’re there for everybody.”

UPDATE: We have since learned that the father is Maurice ‘Stephon’ Phillips . The name of the child has not been released. Phillips shared a home with the children’s mother, Tera Riddick.

Rest in peace, little sweetheart. Please keep this family in your prayers, everyone.


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