Millions…(And I Do Mean Millions) Given to Oakland by Anonymous Donor!


*Talk about giving quietly. Whew! This donor, who plopped down a check for $34 million dollars to assist entrepreneurs, a school district, nonprofit organizations and more in Oakland, California has taken being humble to a whole new level.

To give so generously, without the need to be recognized or even thanked, leaves me tongue-tied.

But it happened. Quietly.

The donor is said to have wanted to assist low income entrepreneurs and children. And according to KGO-TV News, the anonymous donor gave the money to the San Francisco Foundation, and the donation was split between 17 organizations. The donor was very specific. According to Fred Blackwell, the spokesperson for the San Francisco Foundation, the donor was very clear about wanting to invest in Oakland. “They said they want it to go to Oakland. They want it to be transformative.”

And it definitely will!

The city of Oakland has been struggling for such a long time. And its direction only seemed to be going from bad to worse. High crime, homelessness, poverty, gangs — in West Oakland especially, was making it an impossible place to live and raise children. And East Oakland has always had a history where pockets of areas or neighborhoods suffered victimization.

One of the beneficiaries of a $1 million dollar donation is the East Oakland Youth and Development Center. Children depend on this organization for guidance within their Cultural Enrichment Program.

“Character building, that is the fruit of all labor, you know if we can get kids to be better people and make better decisions, we will resolve a lot of problems…in this world,” shared spokesperson, Regina Jackson.

Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf said, “$34 million can make a difference particularly in the right hands.”

According to reports, this donor passionately wants to help turn the city of Oakland around. And as a result of this heartfelt desire, put his or her money on the line to help make this happen. I pray that the money is sufficiently managed and given to those who not only truly need it; but who have personnel with the integrity and skillset to manage it wisely.

A HUGE ‘Thank you’ goes out to this extremely generous anonymous donor!

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