Badly Bred Students Who Defaced Clemson Banner Won’t Face Charges

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*How do you charge plain ass bad breeding? I mean, what would the write-up even look like? That’s the question I come up with after hearing about a group of students, no doubt Caucasian, who thought it was funny to deface an African-American banner on the campus of Clemson University by hanging a bunch of rotting bananas on it.

A photo of the banner was tweeted and shared on social media by a number of Clemson students Monday morning.

Today the university said that since it is not considered a crime to hang rotting fruit on a banner, no charges will be filed against the students; who are said to have turned themselves in.

On Tuesday, dozens of students attended a meeting where they discussed their concerns with faculty regarding the incident. 

Clemson University’s police chief told students at the meeting that according to the solicitor’s office, defacing the banner is not a violation of state law and that no crime was committed under state law. 

Officials said the name of the students can’t be released due to federal privacy laws.

This didn’t sit well with La’Portia Perkins, a Sophomore who says she doesn’t feel like there is going to be a change on the campus. 


“They get to go home tonight, sleep in their beds and be happy and I live on this campus right across the street from Fort Hill and if I wake up tomorrow morning and something else happens again, what am I supposed to do as a student? I came here– Clemson is my dream school — and I feel like my dreams are being affected due to the racism and discrete discrimination to my race, and I don’t think that’s right.”

School officials are keeping the names of the offending students under wraps — calling it a privacy issue.  But officials do say that  any punishment that may be handed down to them won’t be for public consumption.

The officials only revealed that they will go through a student conduct review.

“We conferred with them,” Hendricks said. “Come to find out the elements of the offense itself of what the incident is a perishable fruit on a banner from state law perspectives that does not fit the elements of a crime, so we didn’t have a crime to pursue at the time.”

The university president did put out a statement which read:

“Dear Campus Community: Earlier today a banner highlighting our University’s history was defaced. This type of conduct is hurtful, disrespectful, unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This incident is under investigation and we ask anyone with information to please contact Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222 or Interim Dean of Students, Dr. Chris Miller at 864-656-5827. Clemson University is committed to providing a safe, encouraging environment which supports and embraces inclusiveness at every level.” 

As a result of the president’s message, Clemson’s  VP of Student Affairs, Almeda Jacks, followed up with a release saying:  “As a result of President James P. Clements’ message calling for anyone with information regarding the defacement of a university banner on the Clemson campus to come forward, the parties responsible for this act have voluntarily admitted their involvement to university officials. The university is addressing the matter through its standard procedures.”

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