Cops Tase and Pepper Spray Driver for Playing Music Too Loud (Video)


*Damn. I am about as tired of writing about the racist, erratic behavior of these police officers as you probably are about hearing it. But I continue to do so because I don’t want what  is happening to our people out loud to be swept under some proverbial rug; making it easier to be ignored.

Now we have a police duo in Mississippi that has allegedly — I must use that word even though the video will show there is nothing ALLEGED about it — it was done — but they allegedly dragged a Black man from his car, and tasered and pepper-sprayed him for…wait for it…

Playing his music too loud.

I am with you!


The brother’s name is Patrick Newbern. And since the NAACP in Mississippi County has insisted on an investigation after looking at video footage of the incident, the cops have articulated charges towards Newbern that read he violated the city noise ordinance, attempted to flee by vehicle, and resisted arrest when police attempted to cite him in a convenience store parking lot.

I am sure that made quite an Easter morning memory for the brother.

In the video (which I am still so thankful that technology makes this possible), captured by a Blytheville police officer’s body camera, an officer approaches Newbern’s car as he sits in the parking lot — where there is music blasting — and requests his ID. The man responds “I don’t have it on me,” and the officer tells him, “Well don’t go nowhere,” and walks away. Newbern can be heard responding, “Alright.”

The officer motions to the driver and says, “Hey, Mr. Newbern, come here.” The driver is somewhat inaudible, but it seems like he is asking “For what,” and the cop, holding a pad now responds, “So I can write you a citation.”

Newbern asks, “For what.” And the cop responds, “For the loud music.”

Then Newbern allegedly beginsto drive out of the parking lot and the cop jumps in his police car and begins to chase him.


The cop jumps out of his car and instructs what appears to be his backup to “Get his ass out of the car.”

Newbern begins to explain that his brakes don’t work, but is pulled from the car in the process and thrown to the ground.

He never even got a chance to unbuckle his seat belt.

Immediately, he is tasered in the back. His screams are heard as another officer pepper sprays him before he is held face down.

He can be heard yelling “I can’t see!” repeatedly.

I suppose its true. White police officers don’t believe that blacks feel pain. And it doesn’t take much to have them see red when dealing with black people. And once they cross that line of rage its impossible for them to come back. And there is usually a dead body in the aftermath.

And it doesn’t belong to the cop.

Newbern can also be heard saying, ‘I ain’t resisting, bro!” and “I need water, nigga!” By now a crowd is gathering and they begin to incite the cops; who in turn say things like, “You want to go to jail too?” Etc. join in reiterating that Newbern is not resisting. 

It’s a 22:02 minute tape and after awhile, it really gets confusing because the police end up more in the background…I mean, you hear them, but the people come to the aid of Newbern; who is still lying on the ground in handcuffs until they help him up.

At this point there is no telling what will happen as the police allowed people to go inside of Newbern’s car (you even heard the cops say, ‘They went inside the car. No telling what they may have taken out.”).

And things become much to lax, with the cops just standing around talking to the people and each other. Like its just another day in the neighborhood.

Absolutely puzzling. No words.

According to Raw Story, Tony Hollis, president of the Mississippi County Chapter of the NAACP, said he was disgusted by what he saw in the video, stating, “As soon as I saw the video, it made me sick to my stomach.”

Hollis has called for a rally and demanded the officer be disciplined.

A spokesperson for the Blytheville Police Department was expected to make a statement on Monday.

Watch the video below from WREG as well as the raw body camera video:

Body camera captures dramatic arrest in Arkansas‘LOUD MUSIC’ ARREST | Police body camera video captures man being tased and arrested in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Posted by Michael Quander WREG on Saturday, April 2, 2016


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