Armed White Racist Group Goes to Upset Mosque, Met at the Door By Gun-toting Black Panthers (Video)


*People obviously sick and tired of being sick and tired took action recently when a racist and armed anti-Muslim group of whites ascended upon an African American Mosque in Texas, fixin’ to start some stuff.

Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned. The “greeters” had obviously gotten the memo, and were waiting for them.

With guns in tow.

It seems BAIR, otherwise known as the Bureau of American Islamic Relations has made it their mission to show up with firearms at Muslims place of worship to intimidate worshippers; even going so far as to stalk them over the past months at mosques and places of business.

But they met with a surprise on Saturday. When they arrived at a Nation of Islam Mosque in South Dallas, according to the Dallas Morning News and found they were outnumbered by groups famous for protecting their own.

“This is an armed defense maneuver, making sure that our communities are safe and secure from any insurgents coming in,” Krystal Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party told Fox4 last week. Muhammad was armed with a large shotgun. “We won’t allow anybody to come in and try to intimidate our brothers and sisters.”

The Nation of Islam was joined by the New Black Panthers and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club in its defense of the mosque.

“We will not allow them to come to South Dallas with arms and intimidate our people,” Yafeuh Balogun, spokesman for the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, told Fox4 last week. “We’re taking a defensive posture, but we’re not threatening anyone.”

“It’s a people’s victory here in South Dallas today,” he said Saturday after BAIR turned around and left in defeat.


Police said the event ended without incident, but they had extra resources on hand, citing the inflammatory nature of the planned protest.

“The Police Department is concerned over the volatile nature this planned protest has taken due to the racial overtones,” a statement sent to the News read.

According to news reports, BAIR had backed out of the protest last week and was a no-show, but BAIR spokesman John Usener told Fox4 that an agreement had been made with the Nation of Islam leadership and Dallas police to postpone the protest.

That doesn’t even make sense to me. Why would the NOI bargain with anti-Muslim terrorists? By the looks of things, John Usener, ego has no boundaries.

The Panthers made it clear they will not take BAIR’s actions lying down.

“We’re not doing sit-ins,” Muhammad told Fox4. “We’re straight-up standing up.”

Like I said, sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Watch the video news report directly below.


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