State Dept. Gets in Deep Doo-Doo for Tweet Warning ‘Ugly People’ Who Travel


*Hey, I’m good, but I can’t make this stuff up. And the State Department that had the audacity to tweet a message to potential travelers has back-tracked — post haste — after upsetting many in the viral universe. In short, the U.S. Department of the State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs warned folks that if you are considered ugly in the U.S. and find yourself being treated like you are “pretty” in another country. You are being duped. Somebody is probably trying to get something from you.

That’s the breakdown. They have since taken it down, but hoped it served as a warning just in time for those students out on Spring Break.

How heartless. How cruel. And to come from the GOVERNMENT of all places!!!

And how much you want to bet it was a pot calling the kettle black situation; with potmark-faced Paul or buck-tooth Betty sitting in the administrative offices collecting a check doing the tweeting?

And what is this “10” based on?

See the original tweet below, and the comments on it that follow.


[email protected] this is unnecessarily sexist,” one user tweeted. “There are a lot of other ways to make your point.”

@TravelGov this is unnecessarily sexist. There are a lot of other ways to make your point.

[email protected] @gonicholasgo Incredibly irresponsible to use sexist and objectifying language to prove you’re ‘down with the kids,’” another added. “Do better.”

The State did respond to “@gonicholasgo” to say, “We made no mention of gender.” Still, when people talk about being a “10” the posts clarified it is generally targeted to women.

The problem, as one of the posts pointed out, is the State Department’s “objectifying language.” It reduces peoples’ worth to a number and implies that the only reason a conventionally attractive individual might speak to a less conventionally attractive individual is for gain. Which we all know is not necessarily so.

Anyway, the State Department rethought their position and apologized for the offensive tweet.

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Still, the fact that some jackass with a government job even wrote something like this to begin with is just puzzling as hell, don’t you think?


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