Busted Again! At 14, He Posed as a Chicago Cop…And Now This!


*At age 14, Vincent Richardson embarrassed the entire Chicago police force when he walked into a south side police station,  wearing a uniform, and had the officers believe the words that were coming out of his mouth: that he was a rookie sent from another station to help.

In turn, they put him to work for six hours by allowing him to ride shotgun on five traffic accidents. He also used the police computer to run license plates and even took the wheel of a police car and assisted in apprehending a suspect.

For that little diddy he got several officers suspended (but only for a few days); and that was after Then-Mayor Richard M. Daley laid into them. Since he was only an EIGHTH GRADER at the time, he got off with serving juvenile detention. That was in 2009.

But dude was so cocky he did this two more times.

In 2013, he was arrested again for impersonating an officer when he attempted to purchase a duty belt and police clothes from a Northwest Side uniform shop.

But this latest arrest, which happened in May 2015 was the result of a traffic stop. According to a police report, Richardson was driving a sports utility vehicle  and while its unclear WHY he was stopped by police, when he was stopped they found him wearing a “police-style” bulletproof vest and a “replica firearm” in his waitband.

And there’s more.

He copped to having the items (pun intended), before letting the officers know he ALSO HAD in his possession a police scanner, handcuffs and a stun gun.

He told them the reason he had these items was because he worked as a security guard at a Family Dollar Store.

At this point is ANYBODY ELSE out there wondering why this dude, who obviously wanted to be a cop, didn’t go about it differently…the right way?

Anyway, dude’s mom said he didn’t commit this latest crime.

Veronica Brock claims her son was pressured into pleading guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. And that as punishment for embarrassing the cops AGAIN and AGAIN, he was transferred to a didvision that holds REAL CRIMINALS. Murderers and such.

This has been confirmed, by the way.

She states further that her son, who had originally faced a sentence of six years in prison, but wil soon be released after serving only 11 months, can no longer live in Chicago because he has a “target on his back.”

Lord have mercy. This is one hot mess. I mean, people have done much worse things. And he didn’t hurt anyone. But of course its justifiably illegal to impersonate a cop. And at age 20 now, he knows better! SMH.





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