Pretty Jet Blue Flight Attendant Sheds Gucci Heals and Flees LAX Amid Drug Bust

JetBlue attendant with drugs
Marsha Gay Reynolds pictured in one of her 2008 Mis Jamaica photos. The drugs found in her carryon pictured to her right.

*Wow. I guess one would assume some level of security from the authorities at an airport if they actually work as a flight attendant. What with them not being subjected to the shake-down the rest of us get when attempting to board a plane. But then again I guess Marsha Gay Reynolds didn’t get the memo that those days are over. That these days flight attendants do have to go through the same shake-down as we do…at random. In light of this, 70 lbs of cocaine was found in her carry-on bag as she tried to board a flight.

Big mistake.

Last Friday, the pretty Jamaican aroused suspicion after being stopped at a random checkpoint by Transportation Security Administration officials at LAX and asked to step aside.  At which point Reynolds did a James Brown impersonation by breaking out into a cold sweat. TSA officials told the NY Post. she started looking around nervously, pulled out her cellphone and quickly made a call.

Not to make light of this serious situation, but I can just imagine the dealer on the other end: “You did WHAT…Got CAUGHT…Where’s my shi*t!!!?” 

Jet Blue flight attendant

Reynolds acquiesced and was led into a private security room (officials says she was still talking on her cellphone, but in another language, on the way). Once she arrived at the second room, another thought apparently came into her head, I gotta bounce! Because sista-girl, who was looking cute upon arrival in her black blazer, Jet Blue crewmember badge, and Gucci heels, kicked those shoes off and flew…leaving the plane and the drugs behind!

Last time airport security saw the woman she was headed down the up escalator.

The Miss Jamaica World 2008 runner up apparently didn’t get far though and has been charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute. Officials estimate the kilos of cocaine in her carry-on luggage is worth $3 million on the street.

Reynolds, who lives in New York, is being held on $500,000 bail and is scheduled to make her first court appearance on Thursday. But her defense team is already working overtime to instill doubt in the minds of the judge and jury, should this even go to trial.

According to The Daily Mail, defense claims Reynolds may not have even known what was in her 70-lb. bag. Bringing the first question to mind: why did she run then? While prosecutors suspect the beauty may have smuggled before. Reports also say that if she flees after her bond is paid her parents will suffer by having their home taken away. Apparently this admonishment comes straight from the mouth of a judge.

This is one hot mess. That’s for sure.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Often flight attendants are known to sneak things through security that passengers cannot bring but these are things such as over sized liquids and other innocent items. Although I completely agree with the random searching of flight attendants and even increasing their security checks in order to maximize security of everyone.

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