Dispatch Radio Catches Cop Saying ‘Typical F**king Ni**ers!’ (Listen)

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*A Chicago police officer (presumed white) was caught on a police dispatch radio referring to someone (presumed black) as “typical fucking niggers.” Now, its one thing to think something. Another to say it. And then there’s the unintended option number 3: being caught saying it on tape.


But there I go reading the mind of the cop it happened to.

The fact that many cops feel this way about black folk is no surprise to anyone living on planet earth. And if it is, they haven’t been in tune with reality for quite some time.

Now I know. I know. I’ll be the first to say you can’t color an entire page with one crayon when it comes to generalizations. I actually came up with that little ditty years ago. And I stand by that.

Yet here comes that word “but”…

But the last few years have demonstrated how little black lives are valued by the police. At least based on the deaths of way too many black folk to name at this point, while they were in police custody (or the presence of pseudo-cops). So with that said, it makes this particular generalization a bit easier to make.

And no, don’t even let your mind wander as to how the recording surfaced. Especially if you’re thinking the police department brought it out of hiding.

Hell to the nah.

The clip is said to have been pulled from a police scanner by a local radio station, then The Daily Beast got a hold of it.

Now us.

Here’s how it goes down. The very beginning is inaudible, but you can hear there is a familiarity between the female dispatcher and the officer she thinks she is speaking with on the radio. But then its as if the man she is speaking with is different than who she expected so she says something to the effect of, “No, its too early to be bothering you, Boo.”

Both voices definitely sound like they are African Americans.

Then you hear the voice of another male officer (who also sounds black) asking her, “How many boyfriends do you have?” (Probably referring to the dispatcher possibly reaching someone other than who she had intended. Exacerbated by the term ‘boo’.)

So to his comment she responds, “Why you all up in my Kool-Aid?”

Now granted, this slang-sounding banter should not be happening over a police radio. Period. In an office. Maybe. But over the radio. Not so much.

But I digress. It did happen. And just for the record, the initial man speaking with the woman was never less than professional sounding.

As some other inaudible banter is heard, including another female voice who got in on the flirting action, a male voice that definitely sounds like a white officer, on another radio frequency comes in (as if he didn’t realize he was audible) and makes the comment, “typical fucking niggers!”

Obviously unamused by the friendly back-and-forth happening between the dispatcher and officer on the other radio frequency.

Then the voice (who may have been the initial male cop) comes in sounding very official says to the dispatcher, “Find out what radio that comment came from.”

The dispatcher then says, “We don’t get radio numbers but I’m already hollering for my supervisor.”

Then a new voice (from what sounds like another white male, who may have been with the other white male) comes over another frequency saying something to the effect of, “No black lives matter, man. Fucking ni**er.”

Hearing stuff like this, and knowing the authorities are hard at work behind the scenes in their attempts to insert laws that make it illegal for the public to record police behavior, is like trying to UN-ring a bell. It’s impossible. We have simply seen and heard too much to ever go back.

The proverbial can of worms have been opened…and they have had babies.

“We’re demanding the identities of the officers that made the comments…We want to know their districts, and we are demanding that the mayor immediately fire the officers who made the comments, said Will Colloway, the activist who revealed the video surrounding the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald to The Daily Beast.

He adds, “Not launch an investigation, not put them on desk duty with pay… We want these officers off the streets immediately.”

Yes, WE do!

Take  a listen to the audio below.


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