David Wilson, Sexual Predator, Locked Up for Life! (Watch)

David Wilson

*It only took an hour for a jury to deliberate and sentence Houston-based David Wilson, a repeat pedophile, to prison for life.

And even that was too long.

But it does give anyone who ever said, “everyone deserves a second chance” pause to reconsider such a kindness. Wilson not only raped his toddler niece, and served jail time, but he continued his predatory crimes while knowingly infecting his victims with HIV, genital herpes and chlamydia.

According to Houston’s KTRK, the jury came back with the sentence only hours after Wilson was convicted of molesting two girls.

According to court documents, Wilson raped his 23-month-old niece after her parents, who live out of state and have drug issues, sent her to stay with family in Houston. The little girl is the daughter of Wilson’s sister.

Plastic surgeons had to perform reconstructive surgery on the little girl’s private parts because of an infection she suffered from the predator. Doctors had already diagnosed the toddler with HIV, genital herpes and chlamydia last November, and after releasing the information to the authorities investigators had all four members of the household tested.

Only Wilson, who was apparently first found guilty of sexual abuse in 2005, tested positive for HIV.

The assault on the little girl happened just last year; and Wilson was charged with aggravated sexual assault because of her age.  But it is unclear if he was immediately arrested.

From what I hear, even hardened criminals have a problem with pedophiles. Just ask “Jared from Subway,” who I hear just got his ass kicked bad by “Big Lucy.”

Watch the video report on David Wilson directly below.


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  1. This sorry BA&^% needs a hot clothes hanger inserted in his P-home. He does not deserve 3 hots and a cot. Attempted murder and assaulting and giving that baby diseases. He is eating up taxpayer dollars for NO REASON. Give him the chair or injection as we can all see he is not going to change and innocent people (babies) are paying the price as well as taxpayers for this *&^%!!! Then he has the gall to try to look nervous and concerned for his freaking faith!!!!!

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