Just Call Him ‘Jackass’ – J. Walter Thompson CEO Resigns (Here’s Why)

Gustavo Martinez, "former CEO" of J. Walter Thompson
Gustavo Martinez, “former CEO” of J. Walter Thompson


*After telling one woman he’d like to “take her in the bathroom and rape her,” and then had the unmitigated gall to sit in front of more than 60 employees and  “distinguish between good and bad rape” Gustavo Martinez, who offered his “mutually agreed” upon resignation certainly doesn’t like he was EVER CEO material.

Who hired this fool and put him in that position?

Are they headed out the door right behind him?

Martinez has apparently been acting like a real ass for quite some time. According to the federal lawsuit filed by the company’s Chief Communications  officer, Erin Johnson, who was the recipient of Martinez’s vulgar invitation, Martinez has absolutely NO FILTER. The suit says he openly espoused opinions on “f—ing Jews” and refused to travel where he would meet “black monkeys” or “apes” who “don’t know how to use computers.” The suit also alleges he publicly asks the question about which female staff member he should rape.

Convinced this fool needs therapy yet?

Erin Johnson filed the lawsuit
Erin Johnson filed the lawsuit

WPP, the parent company of J. Walter Thompson broke the news about Martinez’ resignation one week after the lawsuit was filed.

Johnson’s lawsuit lays the former ad agency leader’s disgusting behavior all on the line

“Presenting JWT both internally and externally in a positive light has become virtually impossible given Martinez’s apparent comfort in making constant racist and sexist slurs, even on tape,” it reads.

“Martinez has said multiple times that certain women should ‘shut up (their) mouths’ and, on information and belief, said that a female executive he disliked needed to be ‘hog-tied’ and ‘raped into submission.'”

According to Johnson, ears were on mute to her repeated attempts to complaints about Martinez’s behavior.

The suit states, “Even though Johnson has complained repeatedly about Martinez’s biased conduct, defendants have failed to remedy the situation. Rather, defendants have denied Johnson significant opportunities and reduced her compensation.”

Of course Martinez denies the allegations. So I guess he resigned just because…I’m waiting.

SMH. Let’s see how far white privilege gets with this one. But he’s a “Martinez” so who knows.


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