The Difference Between How a President and a Wannabe Handles Protestors

Trump vs Obama, protesters

*You just can’t buy class. Period.

Politics brings out the worst in some folks. Just look at the hate that has emerged out loud since Barack Obama took the office of President. Racists are not even trying to tip-toe around the fact that they are carrying more rage than ever before.

But in spite of every name he’s been called, every blame that has been placed on him, president Barack Obama has held his head high, articulated his stance powerfully and without regret, and treated everyone with respect in the process.

Even the protesters.

As brother Bruno Mars says, [If you] “Don’t believe me just watch.”

And thanks to Buzzfeed News you can.

We get to see a comparison video showing the difference in approach between president Obama and presidential ‘wannabe’ Donald Trump when it comes to how they handle protesters.

Obama clearly comes out the classier guy. Empathizing with the restless ones; promising to “Talk to” them later, and asking them to sit down. He even stops security from escorting them out.

Now take a look at what Trump does in the situation.

Look, you might not be crazy about ANY of the candidates, but I urge you to vote and make sure Trump never sits in the Oval Office as president.


Below is just ONE REASON why.

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