‘Daylight Savings Time’ May Become a Thing of the Past (You Promise?)


*Quick! Did you remember to spring forward?

Here’s a clue: are you sleepier than usual? Today is the start of Daylight Savings Time and some of us like it, while others don’t.

I guess it can be seen from the perspective of the glass being half empty vs. it being half full. Some appreciate the time shift because they focus on the daylight hours lasting longer.

And then there’s people like me, who are only focused on the fact that an hour of sleep has been stolen from me.


Well rumor has it that states all across the country want to put an end to this practice of saving daylight. They say its downright ridiculous that we have to spring ahead and fall behind twice a year.

Why not just adhere to ONE time, they justifiably assert?

And according to reports by Fox News, the practice was initially put in place for an entirely different reason anyway.

It was to save electricity.

Bryan Llenas of Fox News says, “13 states  are considering some 22 Bills and Resolutions to stop the practice of DST…the new Bill calls for one time year-round.”

He says the states are pretty much divided half and half. With one side vying for the clocks to be set once a year to a permanent standard time (Winter) and the other states want a permanent daylight savings time (Summer).

California…MY state… just wants the mess gone! They, er, WE, say abolish the twice a year practice. And if the Bill is approved by voters and passed, Llenas says “the state could join Hawaii and most of Arizona choosing NOT to observe daylight savings time.



Massachusettes and Rhode Island want to take it a step further. They want to move from the Eastern populace time zone and shift to the Atlantic time zone year round.

“Atlantic time is that we would stay in a perpetual state of daylight savings,” says state representative, Blake Fillippi (I). “We would be equal with New York approximately eight months of the year, and then four months of the year we would be one hour ahead,” he explains.

There are all kinds of arguments in favor of pulling the plug on the spring forward move especially. Mainly, that it is not good for our health.

People are losing precious sleep, and that is affecting productivity.

AFFECTING PRODUCTIVITY!!!! This alone should get the attention of these slave-driving, greedy and insensitive business leaders who…

Oh wait, time out. Not you, Mr. Lee Bailey. I swear, I don’t mean you.

But the productivity argument does give even greater credence to the article written by my colleague the other day. The one asking – no, begging – business leaders to consider inserting nap time into the workday for their employees.

I’ll vote early. Sign me up for anything that doesn’t steal my hour of sleep. Mo’ better: If y’all geniuses can come up with an option where we can get an extra TWO hours…

Jus’ sayin’.

Read more of the arguments on why this practice needs to GO at Yahoo News.




2 thoughts on “‘Daylight Savings Time’ May Become a Thing of the Past (You Promise?)”

  1. Atlantic time one hours ahead on eight month of the year best information thank you
    Sunday over sleep not a good practice because the next day have to go for work.

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