Comatose Woman Wakes Up, Says ‘Devoted’ Boyfriend No ‘Hero’…He Put Her There

Yingying awoke from an eight-month coma and revealed that Fenghe had beaten her into a vegetative state.

*And here everybody thought Liu Fenghe was a hero. With his girlfriend laying comatose in a hospital for eight whole months, the Chinese media caught hold of the story and the boyfriend of Lin Yingying was hailed a ‘hero’ for staying by her side every step of the way.

Then she woke up — amazingly with her memory intact — and said HE was the one who put her there in the first place.

Each and every day, Fenghe was at the hospital. He even borrowed about £21,000 to help pay the medical bills for his 22-year-old girlfriend.

The couple lives in the city of Dalian, in north-east China’s Liaoning Province.

According to the New York Post, Yingying said Liu Fenghe turned her into a vegetable in September 2014, after viciously beating her up with a rolling pin after she accidently burned 20 loaves of bread at the bakery that they both ran in Liaoning, China.

Hmm…there’s a lesson. Keep this in mind if deciding to go into business with your boyfriend.


She told her parents the last thing she remembers was hearing Liu calling for an ambulance after she hit the floor, falling into a comatose state thereafter.

Lin told them this wasn’t the first time her boyfriend exhibited such violence. That he has a history of it, and the bedside devotion he exhibited; along with the $30,700 he raised to assist with her medical bills, was only out of guilt.

Sidebar: I am SO glad she is alive, and awakened with her memory in tact.

Reports say Lin was actually released from the hospital in February 2015, and regained consciousness in May. But she hesitated to speak out because she feared for her safety.

The couple in happier times.
The couple in happier times.

The police are said to be investigating Lin’s claims.

Reportedly, as of March 1, China passed its first domestic violence law.

But couples must be of the traditionally married kind, because the law excludes gay couples.

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