Another Stupid Human Kills an Animal in Pursuit of the Almighty Selfie

Swan death by tourist

*Are you effin’ kidding me?

Trophy killing has taken another ugly turn since the Minnesota dentist killed Cecil the lion last year, and boasted about it by posing for a selfie with the dead animal.

Now these idiots have left the jungle and come to the beaches; where they are pulling animals out of the water to pose with them.

The tourist pictured above just had to have a selfie with a swan so badly that she dragged the poor bird out of the water by its wings onto the shore of Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid.

According to Macedonia Online, after the deed was done (and the selfie taken), the bird ‘remained motionless on the shore.’

In another such incident, reports say a dolphin was picked up to be photographed with, and died after becoming dehydrated when the people walked off and left it on shore.


Reports also say peacocks were killed at a zoo in China after tourists grabbed them for selfies. Supposedly, these beautiful exotics can suffer heart attacks when they are exposed to large shocks – and that is what killed the birds.

People. We have got to do better!

I hope someone recognizes this woman and reports her. She was careless, insensitive and needs to be dealt with. These are helpless animals who think they are safe in their own habitat. Some of them become trusting to all human, based on the kindness of some humans, and look what eventually happens.

Leave these animals alone. If you ever see someone doing something like this, REPORT THEM. You can call 911 and/or your local ASPCA.


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