Houston Freeway Shut Down By Woman Dancing on Roof of Big Rig…Naked! (Look)


*I sure hope y’all  won’t judge me too harshly for saying this, but, either this woman was terribly “in need” and no man was around, or she truly is…disturbed.

Why else would you take your clothes off in broad daylight traffic and start dancing…

Butt naked!

Here’s what we know thus far.

The woman was driving on US-290 in Houston and had previously gotten into two small fender-benders, and fled the scene of both. Witnesses say she had been driving a black car when she stopped, got out, and proceeded to take off her clothes.

With a 18-wheeler behind her, she went to its rear, climbed up (which must have been quite a sight for the vehicle directly behind it) and as you will see in the video below, just stood, then sat there…NEKKED!

In case you want a clearer view of what this looked like… BEFORE watching the video. Here ya go!

Full image

All I can say is those police officers had their work cut out for them; trying to get her into that bucket and lead her down to the ground.

“I was shocked. It was kind of saddening …” said Keaton Gray, a passerby. “As time went on it was less funny and more saddening. It was such a precarious situation,” he said. “She was on the top of the 18-wheeler and you didn’t know what was going to happen.”

According to KHOU, the woman was taken to a local hospital, where her blood is being tested to see if there was some kind of mental break. They will also check for illegal drugs in her system.

Palms together for this woman. No matter what the tests reveal, its a head-shaker.

Here’s the video.

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